Thursday, June 7, 2012

Welcome Earthside Kenna Dawn!

Kenna Dawn has finally arrived!
May 31st was her EDD and we went in for our normal OB appointment. I was checked for the first time and the doctor said I was at 4 cm, 80% soft, and at -1 station. She recommended that we make an appointment for the next week, but that she doubted we'd need it. During the cervical check, the doctor swept my membranes and I began having little contractions. I contracted off and on all weekend, but they didn't get regular or more intense. Friday morning I had a couple of pretty intense contractions and called Jess to come home from work, but when he got here everything had settled again. Saturday was Peanut Boy's birthday, so we packed a picnic and went to the park. We had a nice little celebration and Peanut played. I was starting to think this baby was never coming out!!! I visited with a couple other moms at the [ark and felt good about letting Baby K take her time and decide for herself when she was coming out. Saturday night we all slept pretty well and on Sunday morning Auntie LeeLee came over to help clean the house. Jess and Peanut Boy were up early to help,  but I stayed in bed a little late, which was sooooo nice!!! I wasn't feeling any contractions and I was sure things were not going to happen that day. I got out of bed at about 730 and took a nice hot shower and got dressed. I went downstairs and started having contractions, but I still didn't think it was the day. I texted Amy, our doula, and she suggested I time them for an hour and get back to her. It turned out that I was having contractions about 7 minutes apart!! Then they started getting pretty intense!!!  I was walking in circles in the living room and felt like I was handling them pretty well. Peanut Boy was trying to "help" and he held my hand and walked in circles with me. I texted Amy that she needed to come "now, before I murder my husband" and she said she'd be over in 30 minutes. Auntie LeeLee took Peanut Boy with her to  BBQ at Grandma's and we called Auntie CC to tell her we were in labor!! Yeah!! When Amy arrived I was having pretty intense contractions and trying to handle them by walking in circles, and standing and swaying while leaning on a tote. At about 930am I decided it was time to go to the hospital! I was in a lot of pain! We got packed up and into the truck and we were on our way. I was contracting pretty often by then and I had 2 on the 5 minute drive to the hospital! We got there and Jess dropped Amy and I off by the door and we caught the elevator to the 3rd floor, which of course HAD to stop on the 2nd floor too!! I though, " are you kidding me!!" Then we walked to the labor room and things were rolling pretty quickly. I was kinda going nuts and asking for the epidural, even though I knew I didn't really want it. Amy was awesome and so were the nurses. Amy suggested I just get the nubaine shot to start so I asked for that. The nurse checked me then and I was 6.5cm. So in order to get the medicine I needed an IV, which was something I REALLY didn't want,b t I really wanted the medicine so the nurses started trying to get an IV in. It was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!! I was having really intense contractions without much time between and the nurses couldn't get the IV in!!! I was sitting on the toilet and was sure I needed to poop! Finally after 5 tries they got the IV into my left hand, which I specifically didn't want, but it was the only place they could find a vein. By that time they asked me to get off the toilet and on the bed so the OB could check me again. I asked the nurse to just check me on the toilet, I was 8.5 cm. By that time I had been vomitting up my breakfast of banana pancakes and orange juice. It burned!!! I was screaming for the epidural, but it was too late! The nurses convinced me to get off the toilet and try to get to the bed. I had several contractions on the way and my water broke. When I got to the bed, the OB checked me again and it was time to push! I pushed for 29 minutes and I definitely felt the "ring of fire" that I had read about. As soon as she was out they laid her on my chest and I was amazed that I had actually pushed a baby out of my vagina! Then the doctor had to stitch me up. It was soooooooooooo incredibly painful!! I was crying and asking her to please stop! But they told my I was bleeding and they needed to get it stopped. By then they could finally give me the pain medicine, so I got it and just tried to focus on my new little baby. I had done it! I had gotten my completely unmedicated VBAC! She is 4 days old now and I am still in awe of her.