Monday, January 27, 2014

Deep Freeze 2014 Yell Free Year Challenge

           Here is Minnesota we are in the middle of a deep freeze!! It has been so terrible cold the past month. Like -50 degree wind chills and sub zero room temps for DAYS! So with it being so cold and us being sick and Jess having surgery last week, we've been stuck inside a  lot. This makes the challenge way more challenging! Keeping a preschooler and a toddler inside the house without loosing your mind is HARD! Jess was home last week so that helped a little, but he was in some pain and was not able to be as physical with the kids as they like him to be.
           Our win from last week is how well we all did while Jess was having his surgery. He needed a driver to be there and we didn't have anyone to watch the kids, so we all went! The kids did very well in the waiting room and I am very proud that I didn't once yell. It was a bit stressful trying to keep them from destroying the waiting room, but they managed to charm the receptionists and have a little fun.
           We continue to struggle with the kids fighting and being aggressive with each other and just plain not listening. Jess seems to have hard time with Lance not listening and they had a rough time on Saturday. Lance was running around and Jess was trying to vacuum. I was asking Lance to stop and Jess got very upset and yelled which made Lance cry. It was a rough time because I got upset too. After everyone calmed, Lance apologized and Jess half assed said sorry too. I'm trying very hard to get Jess on board with the challenge and he acts like he agrees, but then he yells and acts like he didn't do anything wrong. I guess I need to make more of an effort to include Jess in why we are practicing positive parenting. He was raised in a family where mom and dad are the boss and kid do as they're told no questions asked. It is hard to move away from what you grew up with.
            My goal for this week to to get Jess more on board and work on not repeating the past.

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