Monday, January 20, 2014

Yell Free Challenge, sick days :(

For the last week or so we have all been battling a cold bug in some way or another. This has made it a rather difficult challenge to stay calm and not yell. When Mom and Dad are not feeling well and kids are fine it is a special kind of challenge! Jess and I both started feeling bad on Monday and Lance seemed to catch it on Tuesday. Because he was not feeling well, Lance seemed to have a harder time not lashing out and we had a lot of hitting and pushing and crying this week. Kenna is not sleeping at night either, so I was sick and exhausted! She seems to have caught the bug now so that presents another challenge for us this week. Jess is having oral surgery this week and will be home with us Tuesday-Thursday. Last week was very hard, but I am not giving up! I may have yelled a lot more then I like but I am trying very hard!

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