Monday, January 6, 2014

Yell Free Year week 2

This weekend went really well for my no yelling! Not so well for Jess. I told him about the challenge and he agrees that it is a good idea, but he has a hard time not yelling. He definitely has a hard time keeping his cool when Lance does anything to hurt Kenna. I struggle with this a lot as well. Right now the weather is so cold that leaving the house is not recommended so the kids are having to be stuck inside at home, which makes for a hard time not going nuts! Kenna is teething pretty badly and not sleeping much so that also contributes to the crazy in our house. She has started throwing little tantrums and biting in retaliation for Lance's aggression or even just randomly. I think it might be related to her teeth coming in. I find that I have a hard time not yelling when I'm in pain, so when Lance hits or kicks me or Kenna bites I have to try very hard to keep my voice calm and speak respectfully to them. I am also in quite a bit of pain from plantar faciitis right now and I know that is not helping me. I hope to have the pain under control soon and to be able to get back to working out. I know for sure that working out really helps me stay calmer with the kids. The physical activity I get is great, and the break from being "mommy" for a hour or so is very refreshing! I love that the kids get to play and run around in the Rainbow Room at the Y!
In other news, Lance might finally actually be potty trained!! He did really well this weekend and was in undies all weekend. He did have an accident Sunday night at Granny P's, but I think it was mostly because he was so busy he forgot to go. With him finally getting into undies full time I need to start looking for a preschool for him. Yeah! We used going to school as a "motivator" to help with the potty training so I want to find a good fit for him that he can start soon. I'm looking into a couple "christian based" ones and the local public preschool is also an option. I am also considering a Montessori school. I'm really looking forward to him going to school as I think he will thrive on the social interaction and I will have time to be with just Kenna for a few hours a week.

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