Friday, February 7, 2014

Work in progress...

       Man, this no yelling thing is HARD!!! Jess and I both come from families where yelling is just what happens. I've noticed that we yell even when we are not angry. We are just really loud talkers! Well, at least I am. This week has been going pretty well, and the kids have been getting a long ok. On Wednesday night it was getting close to bed time and the kids were getting a little crazy. They were running around and making a bunch of noise. Usually this is a trigger for me, but that night I was able to step back and enjoy that they were actually playing together and not fighting. Jess had a harder time, but we managed to not yell.
        Potty training is still a struggle, but we had a great day yesterday! The kids and I met friends at the library and Lance told me he had to go potty for the first time ever in public! It was a huge win for me, as he has been doing great while out with Jess. He went twice while we were there and was dry when we got home. Today wasn't as successful, because he peed in his pull up about 2 minutes after I put it on him! But baby steps are good.
        Kenna is still not sleeping in her bed and just not sleeping well in general. This is a huge drag on me right now because I know when I don't sleep well I have a really hard time not yelling. I think her teeth are really bothering her a lot. Both kids have dentist appointments next week, so I will have to ask the dentist if there's something we can do to help. On the bright side, she has been going back to sleep in our bed pretty easily and without having to nurse every time. She is so sweet with her kisses and snuggles at night. I just can't sleep well with her having to be practically on top of me. I'm hoping it resolves itself soon and we can all get back to a good sleep schedule.

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