Monday, March 3, 2014

Is it Spring yet?

Here we are in the first week of March and starting month 3 of the Yell Free Year. I'm not doing as well as I had hoped. I rarely go one day without yelling. So I try to focus more on connecting with the kids and worry less about the volume of my voice. This is still really hard. I've struggled in the past with major depression and I tend to have a harder time during the winter months. When I was pregnant with K I decided to go off my meds and I have been doing well, but lately I'm wondering if it might be time to re-evaluate. There are other contributing factors to my struggling this winter though. It has been a record setting cold and snowy winter, which makes it much harder to get out and be active. The cold and snow, lack of sunshine added to the terrible foot pain from Plantar Faciitis really make it difficult for us to be as active as we need to be in order to not go crazy. This fall I was doing really well, going to the Y at least 3 or 4 times a week and working out and letting the kids get their energy out in the rainbow room, but then the pain started and I am not able to work out regularly or as intensely. Add that the kids are not sleeping well, so I never get more then 3-4 hours of sleep in a row and no wonder I'm struggling. The hardest part about this is that there's really nothing I can do about any of it. I can't force Spring to come, there is no magic cure for Plantar Faciitis, and I can't make the kids sleep. All I can do is power through and try to make the best of it.